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        It’s easy to get your calls to PATLive. We provide a new?phone number?with all our plans. You can either advertise this number directly, or if you already have a number that you want to use, you can forward it to your PATLive number one of three ways:

        • Forward your calls to PATLive all the time
        • Forward your calls to PATLive as needed
        • Forward your calls on a ring-no-answer basis (calls will automatically rollover to PATLive if you don’t answer after 3 rings)


        We offer?3 convenient ways for you to receive your messages, leads, and confirmations?relevant to the actions we perform on your calls:

        • 朱琳现状Real-time Call Summaries朱琳现状?– Receive an email and/or SMS message after each call.
        • 朱琳现状Daily Batched Call Summaries朱琳现状?– Receive a call summaries CSV by email daily.
        • 朱琳现状Native Application朱琳现状?– Have our agents enter caller info directly into your CRM, eCommerce, scheduling or ticketing system.


        PATlive’s?answering service?works great for businesses and?industries?of all types and sizes. Whether you’re a law firm or a startup, a big business or a tiny one, our agents have the training and experience to help your business make a great impression every time the phone rings.